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Upscale your business with the Best Advertising Company in Nakuru, Kenya.

Cosmic Butterfly, the best advertising agency in Nakuru combines strategic thinking, perfect creativity, and flawless execution to produce stellar results for all of its clients. We thoroughly believe in creativity and our advertising strategies are driven by focus, purpose, and innovation. From video to photography, we use visual communication to create stories and ideas that spark consumer interest and drive sales.

Great campaigns are generally not convincingly achieved by many advertising companies in Nakuru. 360-degree marketing campaigns are often extremely complex, which generally includes large amounts of media, multiple channels and plenty of suppliers. It can get tacky to deal with so much and yet not reach your desired ROI. We can help you plan and manage direct advertising campaigns to ensure that they happen on time, on brief and under your planned budget. Our team makes use of only the right mix of print, broadcast, non-traditional and online media to create a customized approach for every client.

  • Plan an integrated multimedia campaign according to your marketing costs Plan and execute communications brief
  • Assess and select the right suppliers according to your requirement and budget
  • Ensure your campaigns are legal, honest and reach the right audience generating tangible results

Our services include:

Cosmic Butterfly’s Services as a Branding Company

  • Market Research and Consumer Studies Brand studies and audits
  • Logo design and stationery Brand Design
  • Corporate Branding and media kits. Office Branding and presentations.
  • Packaging Design for the Food and Beverage Industry
  • Industrial design of Products
  • Brochure design for Real estate companies PQD design for construction companies
  • Corporate Brochure Design for finance companies.

Cosmic Butterfly’s Services as an Advertising agency

  • Corporate Brochure design and development Corporate Film Production
  • Corporate Presentation: design and production Media planning and media buying
  • Out of Home media Creative advertising design
  • Product launch management
  • Below the line advertising Digital marketing services
  • Live communication
  • Social Media management
  • Event management and event production
  • Exhibition management and stand production

Why is Cosmic Butterfly the best Advertising Agency in Nakuru, Kenya?

We are a creative digital advertising agency agency that adds a much-needed spice to your brand’s advertising and branding strategies. Our in-house team of certified branding experts create and run your campaigns with highly effective execution standards just like any other international agency. We combine the effectiveness of a well thought campaign with a creative approach to effectively convey the same to your target audience. Effective management ensures that your brand stays its course and remains highly differentiated and valuable to your target market.
We create bespoke campaigns that are sure to strengthen and build your brand. We not only inspire and engage but also connect with the audiences through such promotions. Our advertising team creates ideal business marketing strategies that strive to harmonize diverse components of the advertising techniques to achieve highly optimized results for your brand. We design a campaign only after we have understood your company, your requirements and your budget and timelines for the campaign. Everything starts with your consent and ends with your approval.

Our Process towards each campaign

Market Research and Strategy Development

We do a complete market research for your brand or product and then base our marketing and creative strategy around the results of our phase 1st research campaigns.

Ads Visual Design + Video + Creative Development

Based on the strategy defined in phase 1, we create your visual design and creative for your print ads and your TVCs and social media videos.

Media Planning and Buying

We plan your media buying as per your budget and get you the best rates and spots for your campaign rollout and strategize its execution on print, radio, TV and social marketing platforms.

Campaign Rollout

Once the campaign is approved, we roll out the entire campaign based on the media plan and activity.

What sets us apart and makes us the No. 1 digital agency in the KENYA?

There are several types of Advertising agencies in Nakuru, but all of these agencies offer Branding and Advertising as different facets of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Think about this, if you don’t have a logo, brand name or a message how are your customers going to remember you? On the contrary, if you have a brand but you do not advertise how you are going to be recognized amongst the thousands of brands available in the market. Our approach towards branding helps us add the operational aspects of the functions of an advertising agency to provide an additional value to your company. It helps us create a look, feel and a message so that your customers remember you. Advertising, on the other hand, helps to make brand to visible your audiences in the form of various media such as print, online, OOH as well as modern online and digital marketing. Therefore, in simple words, it is important to have both a good branding and a great advertising digital strategy so as to reach amazing heights. The secret is to combine good advertising strategies with an excellent company image to deliver and sustain the ‘WOW’ experience.