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Take your business online with the Best Ecommerce Website Development Company in Nakuru

Cosmic Butterfly is a leading eCommerce website development agency in Nakuru. We have 15 years of extensive experience with Magento, Open Cart, E-commerce, Prestashop, Shopify, and other mobile commerce platforms, as well as HTML5, DotNet frameworks, SharePoint apps, ASP.net, CSS, JavaScript Frameworks, and PHP. We create one-of-a-kind websites for each client, and no two are ever the same. Our web development team enjoys taking on vast and difficult coding challenges. Many businesses have benefited greatly from our expertise in successfully marketing their products and services online.
The act of completing a transaction or buying and selling products and services is tremendously evolving in today’s fast-changing and increasingly digitalized world due to the rise of digitization. Meanwhile, the e-commerce industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. According to studies, almost 60% of people currently spend their money on online shopping. The rise in popularity of e-commerce around the world is expected to continue, increasing demand from companies trying to tap into this huge market of online buyers. We can assist you whether you are a new business trying to establish an online presence for the first time or a traditional retail business looking to establish an online e-commerce presence.

Why you should hire an eCommerce web design agency?
Ecommerce is the favored approach for both consumers and businesses when it comes to shopping. Customers may now buy at the push of a button and peruse thousands of options through these online platforms, as opposed to brick and mortar establishments. It’s a win-win situation for everyone because E-commerce also saves money for businesses because they don’t have to invest in physical stores or keep up with rent and maintenance.
If you want to open an e-commerce store for your company, you’ll be improving your brand’s exposure, reaching a highly targeted audience, generating quality leads, and having the resources to guide customers through the purchasing process.
Another advantage of having an e-commerce site is that you can track users and learn more about your customers, which allows you to segment them into specific demographics, nurture them based on buying intent, and convert them into loyal customers.
We can create the e-commerce platform of your desires at Cosmic Butterfly Ecommerce Web Design Nakuru, one that is simple to use, guides users through the buying process, and boosts your profits. We can not only build, optimize, and design your e-commerce site, but we also know how to market e-commerce businesses using the most successful and proven digital marketing strategies.

ECommerce Websites & Marketing: What Is It?
Ecommerce marketing involves the use of promotional methods or tools to attract high-quality traffic to your online store and convert those visitors into paying consumers. This marketing strategy is also intended to keep buyers after they’ve made their first purchase by nurturing a relationship and ensuring that they continue to support you.
A good e-commerce marketing strategy combines off-site and on-site marketing methods. Brand awareness, client loyalty, and online sales will all benefit from a solid marketing approach.
To reach out to your target audience, you can utilize a variety of strategies. You may enhance your conversion rate and attract new and sustainable business by using the correct mix of marketing techniques.
Cosmic Butterfly the best eCommerce development company offers new e-commerce shop consulting services to ensure that success-related components such as SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and PPC solutions are in place to give you the best chance of success.

What Are The Types Of E-Commerce Website Development Services In Nakuru

  • Custom Magento Development
    Magento is one of the most popular and rapidly growing e-commerce platforms, providing businesses with a powerful and scalable online storefront. Magento includes a variety of features for static pages and SEO performance, including layered navigation, wish lists, advanced search, product comparisons, favorites, email lists, multi-store features, grouped items, and content management systems. The Cosmic Butterfly team has worked on a variety of Magento development projects as well as providing online marketing and analytics support to Magento-based enterprises.
  • WordPress Mobile Commerce Website Development
    WordPress provides you with more than just the ability to manage and update content. It also includes a number of e-commerce plugins and add-on features. WordPress is highly flexible in terms of adding, comparing, deleting, and installing products. We work with several mobile commerce systems to make sure your WordPress commerce website is both attractive and functional.
  • Drupal Website Development
    Drupal e-commerce is not only a quick and robust platform, but it also allows you to build smart websites with advanced features that can be managed using a web browser. Drupal is versatile and capable of integrating a Rich User Experience, as well as the ability to integrate third-party applications.
  • Shopify Website Development
    Shopify is a full turn-key E-commerce solution that can assist your business with practically every area of e-commerce. Shopify may substantially reduce development and design costs and processes while also providing a terrific opportunity to create an online website, whether it’s for social media or an online marketplace. Shopify provides over 70 international payment gateways, allowing businesses to immediately use Shopify as a reliable payment gateway. It is one of our favorite E-commerce platforms. Shopify not only provides your business with e-commerce capability and customizable design options but also hosts your site on high-performance servers.
  • WooCommerce Website Development
    WooCommerce is an open-source platform that offers businesses a wide range of features and flexibility, as well as a user-friendly shopping experience, making it an ideal alternative for e-commerce start-ups and businesses wishing to test the waters without making significant investments. Woo Commerce is the e-commerce extension of WordPress and one of the most popular content management systems. Woo Commerce is highly compatible with all devices, and it lets you add unlimited products and product attributes.
  • OsCommerce Website Development
    OsCommerce is a self-hosted e-commerce platform. It has a flexible infrastructure as well as several additional plugins to extend its functionality with feature-rich functionalities for Ecommerce development agencies in Nakuru. OsCommerce can manage both the front and back ends of a website, such as adding products, managing
    sales, and so on. As a result, utilizing OsCommerce websites, one may effortlessly manage multiple product ranges on their eCommerce website.
    WordPress provides you with more than just the ability to manage and update content. It also includes a number of e-commerce plugins and add-on features. WordPress is highly flexible in terms of adding, comparing, deleting, and installing products. We work with several mobile commerce systems to make sure your WordPress commerce website is both attractive and functional.

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring An Ecommerce Website Design Company?

  • Assist in the organic growth of a company.
  • Assist clients in purchasing your products via smartphones.
  • Overcome geographical limitations.
  • Increase your search engine visibility to attract new customers.
  • It’s easier to encourage impulsive buying.
  • Potential users can access the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Reduce travel time and costs.
  • It’s simple to retarget or remarket to existing customers.
  • Assist with content customization with ease.
  • We offer a unique online experience.
  • Contain accurate information.