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Why should you work with the best Responsive web design agency in Nakuru ?

The Smartphone has revolutionized how users access content from the internet. With digital advancements on the go, cellular devices have changed the mobile internet landscape. If your business site cannot be accessed from a cell phone, it is vital to upgrade to a responsive website one so as to not lose out on a major chunk of traffic from potential customers who are constantly on their mobile. It is best you hire a website design company to help you develop your website into a responsive one.

At Cosmic Butterfly Digital , our website design services include:

  • Mobile Website Strategy– In order to attract Mobile users, you need to understand their psychology because they browse the internet differently to computer users. Our first stage is to identify the best interface for your mobile website to work with the psychology of an mobile user, while simultaneously driving visitor actions. Our Mobile Web Development team will review it and create a Mobile first website strategy.
  • Information Architecture– We can help you design a bespoke style of information architecture to suit all of your requirements. As part of the development process, we will develop the optimum navigation and content display for a cell phone user.
  • Multi-lingual website copywriting– Our dedicated copywriters will rewrite your website content to optimize it for viewing on a Cellphone. This is done to ensure optimum user experience.
  • Call to Action Experience– We at Cosmic Butterfly Digital; ensure that all pages of your responsive website/application have systematic and prominent call-to-action features throughout the site to make it as easy as possible for even the first-time cellphone users to benefit of your offer.
  • Functionality– We have followed the footsteps of all the giants of the internet business by creating a standard functionality so that when a mobile user visits your website they are automatically redirected to the mobile version instead, ensuring that the customer gets the maximum experience.
  • Form Integration-This is the best tool for a lead generation. We integrate Mobile Contact forms into your website so that visitors can contact you on the go.
  • Clickable phone numbers- We ensure that smartphone users can click on the number on your website and make a call instantly; or can choose to contact you via Skype or other popular free calling tools. This will ensure that you will never miss a single lead just because the client forgot which website they visited on the internet.
  • Mobile coding implementation– All websites and applications that we create adhere to the latest responsive website standards for website development.
  • SEO Integration– We ensure that your website is optimized for SEO using the best practices for SEO implementation and optimization. This will help rank your site better on search engine result pages.
  • Mobile Sitemap– We develop a mobile-optimized XML sitemap and submit it to major search engines.
  • Google Analytics– We setup and integrate Google Analytics into your website so you can see a detailed breakdown of how your visitors are interacting with your mobile friendly website, including conversion tracking.
  • Mobile Hosting– We can even help you set up secure hosting for your responsive website. So, if you want to upgrade your current website into a responsive one or simply create a new responsive website, get in touch with us and we can help you create and develop something awesome!

Cosmic Butterfly Digital is an industry-leading mobile app development company in Nakuru that specializes in providing clients with comprehensive digital marketing solutions. We house a team of highly skilled coders for both android application development as well as iOS. We have different levels of developers as per your budget and requirement.

Our Website Design and Development Process:

Pre Production

We create a rough wireframe based on the website type and the structure requirements given by the client.


We create a final design PSD (Photoshop Document) file.


Upon an approval from the client, we begin the development process of converting the design into web pages with the help of web programming languages.

Why do you need to partner with a web development agency in Nakuru?

While developing a website, a lot of brainstorming needs to go into its planning and strategizing. Various factors need to be considered while building and designing a website such as the design elements, color scheme, responsiveness, SEO practices, etc. Therefore, a highly professional mobile app development services agency will be able to guide you in the right direction and propose the best practices you can incorporate so that you can stand out. While developing a mobile friendly website, the biggest hindrance one faces is the size restriction. You cannot use too much text content as it will appear to be disorganized on small screen sizes. This will increase the bounce rate as the user will leave the site as soon as they get on it. The same goes for graphics, it shouldn’t be too big that it takes up the entire screen or too small that it is not even noticed.