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Welcome to the Leading PPC Marketing Agency in Nakuru, KENYA

Cosmic Butterfly is currently working with more than 75 companies and run their AdWords campaigns and provide management services for the same. We also offer performance-based Google Advertising Services where you only pay us when we reach our targets and KPIs. This is how confident we are in getting you and your brand the required boost.
We offer Pay Per Click services for clients from various industries from Nakuru and the GCCs. Our roster of clients includes leading doctors, dental clinics, cosmetic surgeons, physiotherapists, hotels and restaurant chains, fashion and lifestyle brands, retail brands and E-commerce websites, and many more. We are a full-service digital marketing agency and PPC management company in Nakuru providing result-driven strategies that help you expand your business and gain profits.

Our PPC Management Services include

  • PPC Search Engine Campaign Ads
    Cosmic Butterfly helps you take advantage of online advertising with Google AdWords. Learn how to advertise locally and attract customers when they’re searching for products or businesses like yours. We offer affordable packaging with zero fees and guaranteed performance. Our PPC advertising services are the real deal!
  • Display Ads & Mobile banner ads
    Cosmic Butterfly Google advertisement Agency in Nakuru helps you create visually stunning mobile responsive ads. We help you create ads on the Google Display Network with eye-catchy gifs, videos, and mobile responsive static and dynamic banners. Cosmic Butterfly’s PPC and CPV costs are 25-30% lower than other digital marketing agencies in Nakuru, as we get preferred rates from our partners, and we pass those cost benefits to our customers.
  • Remarketing AdWords campaign
    It is basically a form of online advertising that enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site, or who have visited their competitor’s websites. Cosmic Butterfly creates remarketing strategies that can help you optimize your digital advertising campaigns. Cosmic Butterfly, the best PPC agency can help you create amazing strategies that drive traffic to your website and improve the brand recall of your website; whilst spreading brand awareness.
  • Affiliate Marketing
    Cosmic Butterfly is an established AdWords marketing agency for the last 10 years and has a great network of amazing affiliate programs and we manage all the activities in relation to affiliate marketing including payments to the affiliates. We build good relationships with other bloggers, partners, and online promoters so that they join your affiliate program and offer them with attractive affiliate commission. This technique helps to grow your business by giving you access to their expertise of amazing affiliate networks that promote your products and services in different ways and help increase your customer base.
  • YouTube Video Marketing
    Video is the best way to communicate with your target audience. Currently, statistics show that one-third of your online time is spent watching videos on Facebook and YouTube. It is one of the best ways to communicate with your audiences and ensure they watch your brand message and engage with your brand. Cosmic Butterfly, the best pay per click agency has created some of the biggest viral video campaigns the East Africa has ever seen. We can help you get traction and eyeballs with your video advertising and at the same time, optimize your ROI and give you measurable results.

We follow a structured and systematic process for our PPC Services! Here’s a peep.

  • Website analysis: Your website is that one-stop where users come to learn more about your brand and its service offerings. To thoroughly understand how search advertising works, a website analysis is extremely essential. Our advertising experts conduct an audit on your website to understand your brand objectives. They make sure the pages being used for our paid search campaigns are completely optimized to show up when the users search for it.
  • Competition analysis: We cannot stress enough how essential it is for an online business to track its competitor’s moves in order to always remain one step ahead. We conduct extensive research on your competitor’s product offerings and advertising strategies using the dedicated tools that provide us detailed insights, making our pay per click strategies 2X effective.
  • Structure a PPC account: This is the most important part of any PPC strategy. We plan an efficient PPC account for your business on both search and display campaigns. We design a structure that is scalable and easy to understand for all your PPC advertising campaigns.
  • Create apt content for the ad: An extensive keyword research and analysis is done wherein we include every possible keyword variation closely allied to your business. We then build creative ads to suit the keywords that we possess to showcase your USP and insert a solid call to action in just 3 lines for an online user.
  • Optimize, optimize and optimize some more: Our managers will optimize your account continuously to give you the desired results. We focus on your business needs to ensure that we are up to the mark in reaching, if not exceeding all the set targets. We can even resell your products with the help of PPC ads to your existing customers, helping you gain customer loyalty. We stress on achieving greater traffic and higher conversions at a lower CPA for your business. We are proud to be an ethical Google AdWords agency with a result-oriented approach and our success stories are a live example of our excellence.

Our PPC Process

Targeted Keyword Research

Perfect Ad Copy

Negative Keyword Management

Quality Landing Page

This is Why We are the Top PPC Agency in Nakuru

Our mission is to create bespoke advertising solutions for all our clients by unlocking the power of digitally-driven services to ensure exceptional returns – month after month, year after year. We strive to always add value to our client’s business with strategic thinking, a creative approach to problem-solving, and a fast response to all our client’s requirements.