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Gain an Impactful Reach with The Best Public Relations Agency in Nakuru!

Cosmic Butterfly, the best PR agency in Nakuru focuses on delivering a message in a way that clearly resonates with the clients’ target audiences, while not diluting the strength of the message.PR can prove to be a challenge and the importance of a well-executed PR strategy cannot be overstated. In order to run an effective PR campaign, it is prudent to know what will catch the attention of the press and how you can make the most out of your initial coverage. We offer comprehensive public relations services that include media relations, influencer outreach, crisis communication, competitive intelligence, and more.
Public Relations helps bridge the gap between a firm and its audience. It is a practice of corporate communications utilizing the media to communicate key messages to their target audiences. In today’s world, where media is omnipresent, it is vital to have and showcase a significant media presence. PR helps manage the spread of information between an organization/agency or a business owner/government and the general public through the medium of the Print electronic and Digital Media. As social media is the dominant form of communication it is critical that a brand communicates on all platforms to their TA especially on digital and social to maintain a healthy share of voice. As the top PR agency in Nakuru, and a established event management agency we can help you enhance, protect, and build an excellent online reputation in front of the media as well as your audiences.

At Cosmic Butterfly, our PR team helps you to communicate with your audience using the best mix of media including social digital and main line media. We do this by listening and understanding to our client and sparking our conversations with our client’s audience. We talk straight and are honest about what we can achieve for our clients, so as to provide a one of a kind solution for them. We set high standards and measure our deliverables and their effects so that our clients derive benefits right from day one. Our team of PR consultants are skilled in different areas of media relations and can help you upscale your PR Game especially on the digital business communications side of the corporate communications arena.

Cosmic Butterfly’s Media Relation Services Available in Nakuru

  • Messaging and positioning.
  • Retainer PR Campaign management
  • Event Management and project-based PR services for Events
  • Press conference and press releases.
  • Media profiling and interviews.
  • Newsletters and written collaterals.
  • Reputation management.
  • Project-based PR campaigns.
  • 24 x7 media relations.
  • Crisis communications and issues management.
  • Contingency planning.

Our Best in Class Public Relation Services in Nakuru

  • Event – Launch / Tie up
  • Track reviews and ratings.
  • Stakeholder communications.
  • Thought leadership and campaigning.
  • Market/Industry research and evaluation.
  • Content creation, content marketing, and optimization.
  • Product launches.
  • Analyst relations.
  • Competition analysis
  • CSR activities.
  • Handles bad publicity.
  • Increases your overall ranking in SERP’s.

A few aspects that help differentiate us from other public relations companies in Nakuru.

  • A proactive Client First PR Consulting approach to every project.
  • Proficiency in media relations and long-standing cultured relationships with key journalists.
  • Multilingual capabilities on all aspects of our client management and media relations focused PR Agency in Nakuru.
  • We can also help you with participating in Exhibitions in Nakuru as Cosmic Butterfly is one of the leading Exhibition Management Company in KENYA.
  • Pan GCC media relations from our Nakuru Hub along with a global network of PR Associates through our partnerships with local PR agencies across the globe
  • We disseminate PR releases nationally, internationally, and globally.
  • Bespoke marketing, advertising, and branding campaign created and managed on multichannel platforms.
  • We hold in-house expertise in 360° Digital Marketing services.
  • Strong media relations across Nakuru and the GCC.

Our Process


At Cosmic Butterfly, we first start by researching so as to devise a plan of action according to your business objectives. We research about the client and map any potential problems affecting their business.


Once we have a media dipstick conducted, we develop a PR strategy that involves identifying goals, identifying target audiences and creating a theme for the campaign.


We execute the PR campaign as per the plan. We organize your press conference or distribute a media release or organize a one on one interview with the media.


We monitor the media coverage, social media and TV/ radio channels and give you the media coverage report on the same day in real-time delivered right to your inbox via email.

Partner with the Best Public Relations Company based in Nakuru.

Cosmic Butterfly holds a strong team of highly skilled PR executives who are always on the lookout to deliver amazing results. At Cosmic Butterfly, our ultimate goal is to create a positive and visible brand image for all our clients so as to help them stand out in the competitive market. We help you grow your business; whatever your business end goal is, we offer the best in class services and media relations experiences. Our staff develops strategic branding and PR campaigns for all our customers. From developing a proactive campaign plan to delivering brand experiences with measurable outcomes, we do it all. We continuously strive to achieve top-notch success with the right blend of creativity so as to obtain our client’s enterprise goals. If you are searching for a Public Relations firm in Nakuru that is passionate about their job and deliver final outcomes, then you are on the right page. Contact US today, and we will be pleased to help you.